[Story Book]Things to see, do, and experience trip from the metropolis

Discover the Heart of Japan Adventures AROUND TOKYO



The Grapes That Started It All:
Discover a Fascinating Legacy in Japan’s Historic Wine Country


Wine and More!
Get the Full Experience by “Pairing” Japanese Wine with an Array of Attractions

Japanese Sake

A Diverse Drink:
Discover the Complexity of Japan’s National Beverage

Fruit Picking

A Fruit Lover’s Paradise:
Get Hands-On with Nature’s Bounty

Local Cuisine

Eat Like a Local:
Sample Regional Delights—and Forget What You Thought You Knew about Japanese Cuisine

Four Seasons

Four Times the Beauty:
Enjoy Spectacular Natural Scenery throughout the Year

Picturesque Scenery

A Land for Nature Lovers:
Natural Wonders and Unforgettable Landscapes Abound

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities in Japan:
Snowshoe Tours in Nagano

Hot Springs

Hot-Spring Heaven:
Immerse Yourself in a Japanese Cultural Tradition

Castles / Ninja

Castles in Japan:
Historic Fortresses and Strongholds

Learning about Ninjas:
Experience Ninjutsu in Modern Japan

Little Edos (Historic Towns)

Time Travel to the Era of the Samurai:
“Little Edos” Provide an Enchanting Window into Japan’s Feudal Past

Traditional Crafts

Crafting History:
Experience Japan’s Traditional Arts

Japanese Gardens / Temple Stays

Japanese Gardens:
Experience Four Seasons in One Place

Temple Stays in Japan:
Surrounded by Peace and Tranquillity

Temples and Shrines

Gateways to Religion in Japan

Heritage of Industrial Modernization

Explore the Ōya Stone Mining Site

Masters' Techniques / Science Tours

Tsubamesanjō Boasts World-Class Metal-Processing Technologies

The City of Science:
Japan’s Nexus for Leading Innovation and Research

High-Tech Trains / Pop Culture

Floating Trains:
The Future of Japanese Transportation

Japan’s Long History of Producing Anime and Manga

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