Zenkoji Temple

The path to the okusha (rear shrine) at Togakushi Shrine

The distinctive botchimori arrangement of Togakushi Soba noodles

Full-body armor

Nagano Ebisuko Fireworks Festival

Nagano is "Japan's home town", a city of unspoiled nature and culture. Here you will find Zenkoji Temple, a national treasure, and Togakushi, one of Japan's most spiritually powerful spots, as well as Matsushiro, a castle town once ruled by the powerful Sanada clan. The city's mixed heritage means it is home to regions that have developed in their own unique ways. Major events include a big annual fireworks display that decorates the clear autumn night sky, while visitors will be thrilled by the wondrous flavors or soba noodles and other delights made with pristine local ingredients, water, and traditions. Nagano is a place to replenish your soul.