Bunsui Oiran Dochu Courtesan Parade

Gogo-an hermitage

Migakiya-ichibankan metal polishing workshop

Tojiro Knife Gallery

Gyokusendo hand-hammered copperware workshop

Tsubame is located in the heart of Niigata Prefecture, around two hours from Tokyo Station. It is a highly accessible city on the Hokuriku Expressway and a station (Tsubame Sanjo) on the Joetsu Shinkansen. With a history of craftsmanship dating back to the Edo Period, Tsubame is a major producer of metal tableware. Industry is complemented with a strong traditional culture here, and the highlight is the spectacular Oiran Dochu Courtesan Parade held along the Okozu Canal, which is known as one of Japan's top 100 sites for cherry blossom viewing.