Art & Culture

Spot Art in its Natural Habitat in Niigata

A perfect blend of art, culture, and nature only two hours from Tokyo, exploring Niigata’s rich tapestry of outdoor exhibitions makes the ultimate itinerary for the adventurous art lover.

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Mining for History on Sado Island

Located off the coast of Niigata Prefecture in the Sea of Japan, the remote island of Sado holds a unique place in Japanese history. Learn about how this former gold mine was a shining part of the Japanese economy.

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Nature & Outdoor

A Skier’s Paradise Next Door to Kanto

From the slopes of Echigo Yuzawa to the backwoods of Myoko, Niigata is home to dozens of ski resorts scattered throughout the prefecture. To enjoy one of the country’s coolest snowy getaways, hop on a bullet train from Tokyo (which can take 70 minutes or more) to find a winter wonderland!

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Food & Drink

Sample Niigata’s Finest without Leaving the Station

The pure snow of Niigata is well known for helping to create some of the best sake in Japan. And now you can sample over 100 kinds of sake from the region from the convenience of three major train stations.

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Relaxing Stay

Onsen Culture Deep in the Japanese Alps

Completely encompassed by the breathtaking Japanese Alps, the Echigo Yuzawa region showcases Japan’s onsen culture at its finest. We’ve got the scoop to get you out the door and into the soothing hot springs of Niigata.

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