Art & Culture

Winding Down with Yamanashi Wines

Yamanashi is the most prolific wine region of Japan with over 140 years of growing experience, producing a third of all the wine made domestically. So there’s simply no better place to tour vineyards while tasting the best the country has to offer.

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Finding Peace by Ascending Mt. Minobu

Waiting high up on Mt. Minobu is an area that just might be the place to catch your breath and center yourself. From the fresh crisp air of the mountains to the morning meditations offered at Kuonji Temple, there’s no shortage of options for unwinding during your visit to Yamanashi.

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Nature & Outdoor

Take a Scenic Stroll Through Shosenkyo Gorge

Grab a sturdy pair of hiking boots and get ready to explore the dazzling leaves and intriguing rock formations of Shosenkyo Gorge, only two hours by train from Tokyo.

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Food & Drink

Sink Your Teeth into Homegrown Yamanashi Wagyu

The world has fallen in love with wagyu, regional, high-quality Japanese beef. If you’re traveling in the Kanto region, you’ve got to head to Yamanashi Prefecture to try Koshu wagyu beef, the high ranking wagyu of the region.

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Relaxing Stay

Take in the Cool Summer Breeze at Kiyosato Terrace

As the 1,100-meter-long Panorama Lift allows visitors to escape the summer heat of nearby Tokyo, Sun Meadows Kiyosato proves to be a popular spot for visitors to soak up the mountain sun while comfortably cooling off.

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