Hottarakashi Onsen

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With panoramic views of Mt. Fuji’s gallant peak and the Kofu basin spreading out from the outdoor baths, you can enjoy taking in these sights as you soak in the hot springs. The baths are available starting about an hour before dawn, so you can enjoy the enchanting sights of the sun rising over Mt. Fuji in the morning and the Kofu basin by night, which sparkles like a gemstone with the sea of stars shining in the sky above it.

Where is it??

1669-18, Yatsubo, Yamanashi-shi, Yamanashi, 405-0036, Japan
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From Shinjuku Station, Yamanishishi Station is an approximately 1 hour and 25 minute ride by Limited Express on the JR Chuo Line. From Yamanashishi Station, the hot springs are an about 10 minutes by taxi.

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