Walk around the Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine in a kimono

Ibaraki >

This program is available through Kyuzen Gofukuten, a kimono store in the city of Kashima, where the Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine is located. As you’d expect from a kimono store, the selection of kimono is extensive, and genuine article is their selling point. In addition to putting on a kimono to visit Kashima Jingu, you can also practice various Japanese cultural and lifestyle activities and even purchase t-shirts, mugs, and other souvenirs with a photo of you in the kimono you chose printed on them right there in the store.

Where is it??

2306-1, Kyuchu, Kashima-shi, Ibaraki, 314-0031, Japan
Web Site:

From Tokyo Station, take the highway bus from the Yaesu South Exit for Kashima Jingu, which leaves once every 20 minutes. Kashima Jingu is an approximately 2-hour ride.

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