Take a pleasant stroll around Kura no Machi in Nikko Part 1

Kura-no-Machi, Nikko's natural beauty, and touring Nikko's hot spring village

This delightful model course will first take you around Kura-no-Machi, a town which prospered as a popular rest stop for travelers to and from Edo (Tokyo). Then it will lead you to Nikko, home to several World Heritage shrines and temples and its surrounding natural beauty that dramatically changes from season to season. The course wraps up with a visit to Nikko’s hot spring village.

1. Depart from Asakusa Station!

The point of departure is close to famous Tokyo sightseeing spots like Sensoji Temple and the Tokyo Skytree.

2. Cruise on the Tobu Limited Express SPACIA train

It takes only about an hour from Asakusa Station to Tochigi Station when using the Tobu Limited Express SPACIA train service.

3. Arrival at Tochigi Station

The nearest station to Kura-no-Machi is Tochigi Station. Kura-no-Machi is only a 10-15 minute walk from the station’s north gate.

4. The traditional Japanese storehouses on Kura-no-Machi's main street

Originally a rest town for travelers on the road to and from Edo, Kura-no-Machi later flourished as a merchant town next to an important river trade route from Edo. The many traditional Japanese storehouses that remain provide a snapshot of the town’s historic past.

5. Kura-no-Machi Tourist Center

The town’s tourist center not only features souvenir shops and restaurants; the sightseeing information it provides makes it a great place to start your tour of Kura-no-Machi.

6. A pleasure boat ride on the Uzuma River

During the Edo period, Uzuma River was an important trade route for transporting goods from Edo, which led to Kura-no-Machi becoming a merchant town. Visitors may take a pleasure boat ride on the river and take in the sights as if they were transported back in time to the Edo period.

7. Tochigi Kura-no-Machi Museum of Art

Three earthen-walled storehouses built roughly 200 years ago were renovated into this art museum, which plays host to a unique interior atmosphere.

8. Okada Memorial Hall

The House of Okada is a family with a long history, who gained prominence in the Edo period as the governor of Kura-no-Machi and its surrounding areas. A vast 4,000m² area owned by the family with multiple structures still remain.

9. Back to Tochigi Station for the train to Nikko

Nikko is famous for Nikko Toshogu Shrine and other World Heritage sites, as well as its surrounding abundant natural beauty that can only be experienced in Japan, which itself changes according to the season.
It takes only 40 minutes on the Tobu Limited Express SPACIA from Tochigo Station to Nikko Station.

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