Escape to Nature—Oyama Walking Course Part 1

Enjoy nature in just under an hour from Tokyo

From Tokyo to the nearest station, this spot where you can take a nature hike is takes just under an hour to get to.  In the lush area of Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park, the fall foliage is a must-see. Why not stop by on your way from Tokyo to Hakone?

1. Shinjuku to Isehara Station

Start at Shinjuku Station and take the Odakyu Line Rapid Express. It take about one hour to arrive at the closest station, Isehara Station.

2. Take the Isehara Station North Exit

After taking the north exit, you’ll be greeted by a large torii gate.

3. Get on a bus that will take you to to Mt. Oyama

From Isehara station, a bus will come and pick you up to drop you off at the base of Mt. Oyama. After exiting the ticket gates, take a right and wait at bus stop number four where you will get on the Kanagawa Chuo Bus bound for Oyama Cable.

4.At the last stop, get off and head towards the information center.

After weaving through quaint towns while climbing up the road to Mt. Oyama, you’ll arrive at the last stop.

There is a visitor center right next to the bus stop where you can read up on tourist information and popular spots before heading up the mountain.

5. Check out the outlined hiking courses

From where you got off the bus, walk 15 minutes and you’ll arrive at the cable cars.

Depending on which course you take, it can take up to five hours round trip to reach the top, so be sure to check which course you want to take on the map!

6. Koma Street Walk

At the top of Mt. Oyama lies Oyamaafuri Shrine.  There is also a branch of the shrine which is the starting point and can be easily accessed by cable car.

7. Check out the shops on Koma Street

The shops along Koma-sando sell an array of local specialty and craft items.
The word “koma” is used as a symbol in “Ōyama-Koma” souviners.

8. What is "Ōyama-Koma" ?

You can buy them in the stores along Koma-sando. “Ōyama-Koma”, are items decorated with a beautiful line pattern, and are sold in many sizes. You can also see how they are made.

9. At the end of Ōyama-Koma Street

At the end of Ōyama-Koma you’ll find the cable-car and foot paths. You can take the easy course and ride the cable car to Ōyamaafuri Lower Shrine, or you can take the hard course and hike there.
The cable car runs about every 20 minutes, linking you to the final stop, Afuri Shrine in about six minutes. Operation is increased during busy times.

10. Climbing the mountain by cable car

Make your way up on the cable car, and ride along the trees as they take on the colors of that particular season.

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