Escape to Nature—Oyama Walking Course Part 2

1. The fork dividing the easy and hard course

The paths are divided into a steep staircase, “hard” course, and an easier slope “easy” course. Along the way of the easy course you can take a break to visit Ōyamadera.
It’s only 4 minutes away from the “Ōyamadera” stop.

2. Aburisan-Ōyamadera

Ōyamadera continues to stand since it was originally established in the year 755, and has been rebuilt many times due destruction by different pressures and fire.

3. The Autumn season...

The main temple still stands to this day since its renovation in 1885. Many visitors come during the Fall season when the stone steps leading up to the temple are covered in the bright red, autumn leaves.

4. Afuri Shrine

This is the final stop on the cable car, as well as both the hard and easy courses. The main shrine is located on the mountain summit, and this lower shrine is located at an elevation of 700 meters along the mountain side.

5. Rest at the tea house

Tohaimon is the entrance on your road up to the summit shrine. From here it’s 90 minutes to the summit, and the climbing path also takes a complete change. There’s a tea house here as well, where you’re invited to rest or exercise before your climb.

6. The summit

The path from Ōyama-Afuri Shrine to the mountain summit is a hiking course. Along the course you’ll find spots to view Mt. Fuji, observation look-outs and other views that have been featured in the Michelin Guide Japan. If you’re hoping to reach the summit, please allow for plenty of time and ensure that you have everything you need to make the climb.

7. Souvenirs and Meals

How about some Ōyama souvenirs, like local sake, manju and sweet bean jelly? There are also some shops known for selling tofu dishes used in tea-ceremony.

8. From Isehara Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station

You can use the Odakyu line express train to get to Hakone-Yumoto Station from Isehara Station in about 60 minutes.

9. Hakone Yuryo

Hakone is famous for its hot springs, and you can reach Hakone Yuryo from the bus that makes trips to and from Hakone-Yumoto Station in about 3 minutes. This hot spring hotel is easily accessible from Hakone-Yumoto Station.

10. Hakone Tozan Line

This is a mountain rail line you can use to get to Gōra from Hakone-Yumoto. Gōra is an indispensable stop in your travels, where you can see the Hakone Open Air Musuem, Hakone Gōra Park, and other sites. You can also enjoy the charming view from your window of seasonal flora, such as the cherry blossoms in the spring and the summer hydrangeas.

11. Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji

You can use a cable car or tram car from Gōra to make your way out to Lake Ashi. The lake, and the view of Mt. Fuji from here are exquisite.


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