If you’re going to Twin Ring Motegi, stop by the Moka area

Tochigi > Moka

The Moka Line, the first local train line in Japan, was founded in 1912, and after being run by JR for a while, it was taken over by Moka Railway, the 3rd sector to administer it. Currently, the SL runs between Shimodate Station and Motegi Station on Saturdays and Sundays. At Osaki Shrine, which boasts Japan’s largest statue of the god of wealth, the largest antiques market in the Kanto area runs on the 2nd Sunday of every month, and at the Moka Momen Kaikan, you can observe the process of weaving and also try both it and dying out for yourself.

Where is it??

Daimachi, Moka-shi, Tochigi, 321-4306, Japan
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Oyama Station is an approximately 45-minute ride from Tokyo Station on the JR Tohoku Shinkansen, and Shimodate Station is about 45 minutes from Koyama Station on the JR Mito Line. From Shimodate Station to Moka Station is an approximately 27-minute ride on the Moka Railway line.

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