If you’re going to Mt. Takao, stop by Takahatafudo

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Its official name is Takahatafudoson Kongoji. It’s said to be one of the three largest properties in the Kanto area, and in addition to the various events going on year-round, there are also seasonal events like hydrangea and autumn leaves festivals. It was also the family temple of Hijikata Toshizo, who played an important role in the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate, and a bronze statue and stone monument within the grounds are dedicated to him. The Deva gate inside the temple is a designated important cultural property, and over 7,500 hydrangea plants bloom within the grounds and out toward the hills behind it from June to July.

Where is it??

733, Takahata, Hino-shi, Tokyo, 191-0031, Japan
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From Shinjuku Station, Takahatafudo Station is an approximately 30 minute ride by Special Express on the Keio Line. From Takahatafudo Station, the temple is an approximately 3-minute walk.

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