If you’re going to Ikaho Hot Spring, stop by Kajikabashi, Lake Haruna, and Haruna Shrine

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Ikaho Hot Spring is an ideal hot spring area for enjoying the autumn leaves. As you walk up the stone steps toward the water source, you’ll pass “Kajikabashi” on the way, a bridge with light-up events during the autumn leaf season that’s a popular viewing spot for guests at the nearby hotels. The looping route going from Ikaho Hot Spring to Lake Haruna and Haruna Shrine is also recommended when the autumn leaves are in season.

Where is it??

“Kajikabashi” 590 Ikaho, ikaho-machi,shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture
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From Tokyo Station, Takasaki Station is an approximately 50-minute ride on the JR Joetsu/Hokuriku Shinkansen. From Takasaki Station, Shibukawa Station is about 22 minutes on the JR Joetsu/Agatsuma Line, and Ikaho Hot Spring is an approximately 25-minute ride from Shibukawa Station by bus.

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