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Aquamarine Fukushima is an “environmental aquarium” that exhibits aquatic animals kept under environmental conditions close to those of their natural habitats. As well as being an aquarium, it includes educational information about sustainability and has a research center.The main exhibits are two huge water tanks that extend from the second to the fourth floor, reproducing Shiome no Umi, an area of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture where the Kuroshio (Black Current) and the Oyashio (Kurile Current) meet. Visitors can enjoy walking through a transparent tunnel while watching the wealth of marine life found in Shiome no Umi, which includes sardines and bonitos swimming in schools.Since its establishment, Aquamarine Fukushima has conducted research on an ancient species of fish called coelacanths, and its findings are exhibited in a section entitled ‘The World of Coelacanths’ which can be found on the first floor, where visitors can view an anatomical specimen of a coelacanth and watch rare footage of living coelacanths.There are events throughout the year, and there are many activities for children and families to enjoy together such as the fish maze, art festivals, and fishing within the aquarium for fish that you can have fried for your lunch!

Where is it??

50 Tatsumi-Cho, Onahama, Iwaki City, Fukushima Pref. 971-8101
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By car: 20 min from Iwaki-Yumoto IC on The Joban Expressway

By train/bus:From Tokyo, there is a high speed bus from Yaesu Minami-guchi to Iwaki Station every 30 minutes. It takes 3 hours. From Fukushima Station, take a bus heading to Iwaki (いわき) from Fukushima Station East Exit. It will take around 2 hours.From Iwaki Station, take the Hitachi-Tokiwa Line train to Izumi Station (泉)
From Izumi Station, take a bus from the east exit, heading to Onahama 小名浜 / Ena 江名. It will take 15 minutes. Get off at Shiyaku Iriguchi (支所入口). From there, Aquamarine Fukushima is a 10 minute walk.
By taxi: 13 minutes from Izumi Station

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