Daio Wasabi Farm

Nagano > Azumino

The Daio Wasabi Farm is the largest Wasabi farm in all of Japan. Wasabi is a notoriously hard crop to grow, requiring incredibly pure and cool water. Sitting at the base of the Hotaka mountain range, the farm takes advantage of the melting snow to grow this unique crop indispensable to Japanese cuisine. The farm itself is a pleasure to stroll through and offers many wasabi-related creations including wasabi flavored soft serve ice cream. Clear bottom boat tours cruise along the pure mountain streams and pass by idyllic waterwheels featured in director Kurosawa Akira’s movie “Dreams.”

Where is it??

3640, Hotaka, Azumino City
Web Site:

By Train: 10 min bus or taxi ride or 20 min by rental cycle from Hotaka Station (JR Oito Line)
By Car: 5.5 km / 12 min from Azumino IC

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