Tsumago Post Town

Nagano > Nagiso

Tsumago-juku is the 42nd of 69 post towns along the Nakasendo Road. These post towns were places for travelers to rest and recuperate on their journey between Kyoto and Edo during the Edo period. Tsumago’s inns and buildings look just as they did during the Edo period, along with waterwheels, spouts and other exquisite structures. Surrounded by the idyllic townscape and tranquil forests, it’s easy to slip back in time into a bygone samurai era.

Where is it??

Azuma, Nagiso Town
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By Train: 8 min bus ride or 5 min taxi ride from Nagiso Station (JR Chuo Line)
By Car: 23 km / 30 min from Nakatsugawa IC
43 km / 70 min from Iida IC

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