Marine Dream Nou

Niigata > Itoigawa

There may be no better place to enjoy the bounty of the Sea of Japan than at Marine Dream Nou! Located in between two of Niigata’s largest fishing ports, the fishermen (and women!) at Marine Dream Nou bring in the freshest seafood on a daily basis. In addition, Itoigawa’s unique position on the edge of Toyama Bay has helped it become one of Japan’s largest producers of crab. After visiting the seafood center to browse the day’s catch, take a walk down “Crab Market Alley” where local crab fishing boats sell direct to visitors at unbelievably low prices! You can eat your crabs right there at the “Kanikani Center,” or you can visit one of the 4 onsite restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet cuisine only found here along the Sea of Japan!When visiting Marine Dream Nou, don’t miss a chance to learn how Itoigawa became such a rich fishing community at the Kaiyo Maritime Museum and tour the Etsuzanmaru, a training boat used by the local high school for teaching new generations of fishermen.
※Please note that parts of Marine Dream Nou are closed during January and February

Where is it??

3596-2, Nokodomari, Itoigawa-shi, Niigata, 949-1351, Japan
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From Tokyo, take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Itoigawa Station (2 h), and then take the Echigo Tokimeki Railway Nihonkai Hisui Line to Nō Station (15 min). It is a 20 min walk or a 5 min taxi ride from Nō Station.

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