Ayame Matsuri

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Approximately 500 species of Iris bloom from late May to middle of June. A rowing boat cross the river around ‘Suigouikato Ayame-en’. You can feel the essence of the town of water ‘Ikoto’, along with Iris flowers.

Where is it??

1-1-16, Ayame, Itako-shi, Ibaraki, 311-2425, Japan
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From Tokyo Station, Ikoto is an approximately 42minute ride by highway bus. Also, by train the route is followed by; from Tokyo station to Narita station by JR Sobuhonsen Rapid Airport line (75mins), from Narita station to Sawara station by JR Narita line (30mins), from Sawara station to Ikoto station by JR Kashima line (12mins) and from Ikoto station to Suigouikoto Ayame-en (3mins) on foot

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