Take-no-Yoi-Matsuri festival

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From mid-July to early August at the Yunishigawa hot spring resort shopping arcade, a romantic Tanabata event is held, and the hot spring resort is illuminated in the summer night. In the midst of the pitch blackness, the sight of the lights, shaking in cut sections of bamboo, is truly magical. Strips of paper and felt-tip pens are also available at storefronts, so you can follow the tradition and write your wishes and tie them to a tree branch.

Where is it??

1155-1, Yunishikawa, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-2601, Japan
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From Asakusa Station, Kinugawa-Onsen Station is an approximately 2-hour ride by Limited Express on the Tobu Line, and from Kinugawa-Onsen Station, Yunishigawa-onsen Station is an approximately 20-minute ride on either the Tobu Kinugawa Line or the Yagan Railway Aizu-Kinugawa Line. From Yunishigawa-onsen Station, Heikenosho-mae is an approximately 25-minute bus ride.

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