“Konosu’s Surprise Hinamatsuri” Festival

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Konosu City has a tradition of making Hina dolls for around 380 years. Taking place from February to March, Konosu’s Surpise Hinamatsuri Festival’s main attraction is the Pyramid Hina Tiered Doll Stand set up on the main stage. Comprising of 31 tiers, the pyramid stands at seven meters (23 ft) tall with 2,000 dolls on display making it the tallest doll stand in Japan. The sheer intensity and number of the dolls is enough to make your jaw drop.

Where is it??

1-1-2, Honcho, Konosu-shi, Saitama, 365-0038, Japan
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Take the Takasaki Line from Ueno Station and get off at Konosu Station. There exit through east side and you’ll be in the Erumi Kounosu Shopping Mall where the festival takes place.

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