Oyama Senmaida (Oyama Rice Terraces)

Chiba >

This site is 3.2 hectares, with 375 terraces, which is exceptionally large for the Kanto area, and was also selected as one of the “Top 100 Terraced Rice Fields” in Japan. From October to March, the fields are lit up about 3 hours after sundown, and the results is a truly magical sight that’s definitely worth seeing once in your life. There are also facilities available for a wide variety of farming activities, such as indigo dyeing, making mochi rice cake, papermaking, and more, so you can enjoy a precious experience in this farming community.

Where is it??

540, Hiratsuka, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba, 296-0232, Japan
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From Tokyo Station, Awa-Kamogawa Station is an approximately 2 hour and 10 minute ride by Limited Express on the JR Sotobo Line. From Awa-Kamogawa Station, take the bus to the “Kamanuma” stop (approximately 20-minute ride), and from there, the site is about a 20-minute walk.

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