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Ouchijuku is a small isolated village nestled in the mountains of southwestern Fukushima Prefecture.This village was one of the post towns established under the post station system during the Edo Period. It’s well-preserved streets prompted it’s designation as an Important Preservation District for Group of Historic Buildings in 1981.The road that used to run through this village was called the Shimotsuke Kaido Route or the Aizu Nishi Kaido Route, and was an important road connecting Aizuwakamatsu and Imaichi, a post town on the Nikko Kaido Route in Tochigi Prefecture. This road was frequented by many travelers as well as by the processions of feudal lords who had to travel to and from Edo periodically.They rested and relieved their fatigue from traveling at this village. Surrounded by this streetscape, it is easy for visitors to feel as if they have slipped back through time to the Edo Period, as they explore the gift shops, restaurants and traditional residences dotted throughout Ouchi-juku.

Where is it??

Yamamoto, Ouchi, Shimogo Town, Minamiaizu County, Fukushima Pref. 969-5207
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By car: approx. 75 min. from Shirakawa IC on The Tohoku Expressway
By train: 15 min. by taxi from Yunokami Onsen Station

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